How to Make It Big on Amazon FBA

I’ve already mentioned in my first ever blog here at The Thrifty Seller that I went ahead with selling on Amazon because I found that the “Fulfillment by Amazon” service is definitely to my advantage. You’ll find out on your own when you dive head-long into the ocean called Amazon that you will want to take advantage of this neat feature in the e-commerce site.


To Recap…

I’ve discussed partly on my earlier entry what FBA is, and why it’s beneficial to any online entrepreneur. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, I will define FBA by the basics so you can understand what it is about, at least, on an overview.

Fulfillment by Amazon provides sellers the advantage of not having to build trust for an extended period of time. Because FBA members are listed in the Prime listings, they are simply riding on the figurative wave of trust towards the website. Buyers will automatically trust your listings, seeing that you’re part of the service.

Amazon FBA gives you a boost in reputation as well. With Amazon’s established logistics arm at your disposal, you can be sure that your customers are well taken care of. You can see the positive reviews coming in just as soon as your customers receive your goods from Amazon.

FBA – It’s a Success Story for Every Seller


Here is what I want you to do – take a day off, sit down in front of your computer and search for blogs that write about the Fulfillment By Amazon service. You’ll be surprised at the volume of success stories that you can unearth.

I suggest that you check out this blog post from Shabbir Nooruddin of Bootstrapping eCommerce. In here, you could see that Shabbir was able to utilize the FBA service to earn him almost $6000 in just 50 days!

Shabbir points out what I’ve said earlier about the benefits of Amazon FBA: enrolling in the service, even for just the storage it affords you, goes a long way in building trust with your customers. They will automatically trust you, because, you’re basically Amazon itself!

Of course, that trust is only a stepping stone from which you can leap to your ultimate destination – lots and lots of sales in Amazon, and financial success and independence.

What Is the Secret?


Shabbir has had extensive experience in e-commerce, so you’d do well to heed his advice. According to him, product selection is the most important part of the process. He’s right – with so many being sold in Amazon, you’d find that there are products that do sell well but are sold by a lot of sellers: i.e. a saturated market.

My own advice when choosing a product to sell: weigh the product’s popularity with the amount of competition you’ll be facing. Chances are, you won’t be able to realize a very profitable sales margin because you’re forced to price competitively against other sellers. That’s a total waste of time, not to mention money!

The rest of Shabbir’s advice is more on gaining reputation and/or popularity for the product. You have to learn how to write well-optimized content that will help you gain good rankings in the product listings. You must also learn to reach out to your customers so they will write reviews praising the product, which will give you a better score in the Amazon search results pages.

It’s all about positioning yourself in the listings, so that you always gain the attention of your buyers.


About Content…

I will be writing a separate blog on this one, but for now, I’ll leave a few tips to bear in mind when writing useful product descriptions both for your customers and your position in the Amazon search results:

1. Customize your content. Don’t rely on the product descriptions, which are too long winded for most customers anyway.

2. Go for optimization. Research what keywords relevant to your products are currently enjoying good search volume, and incorporate those into your content.

3. Sell the sizzle, not the burger. Don’t sell the product outright – give your readers a lot of reason to think about buying the product, and always include a hook or a call to action to influence them to buy while they are interested.

Basically, capture your reader’s attention by optimizing your content in a way that it appears favorably in the Amazon search results.


It’s always a good idea to put your money in Amazon FBA seller tools that will improve your abilities to manage not only your store, but your competition as well. Competitor research, for instance, is very important so you might want to look at certain tools that could help you not only to peek at your competitors’ prices, but to get a clear picture in general of what the market is like.

Good luck with your online selling, and see you until the next blog!


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